Post Lend Due Diligence 

We understand the key factors which can make all the difference when reviewing the collateral and funding structure on both long standing and new client relationships which can materially impact on your risk management strategy in both a going concern and / or a potential failure situation. 

We know that due diligence needs to be comprehensive and accurate, impartial and constructive, and tailored to your client’s specific business and industry, whilst also needing to be delivered quickly, particularly where risk issues have been identified which need an immediate response. 

We have a proven track record in assessing complex, high-value, and high-risk Asset Based Lending deal structures across the widest variety of industry sectors and have the experience and the expertise to identify the key business and industry risks specific to the collateral being reviewed. 

We add value by providing practical mitigating solutions and recommending appropriate restructuring measures to help you to manage your client relationships in the best way possible to manage those risks effectively. Our communication and solution focused approach means that we work in partnership with your team to achieve the best outcomes for you and your clients. 

Please get in touch to discuss what we can offer and how we can best help you.