Environmental, Social & Governance Report

We recognise that ESG is fundamental to the long-term success of our business, and the Board remains committed to working with our stakeholders to continually improve our practices in relation to ESG. By doing so, we are future proofing our operations and with our bespoke ESG framework we are able to hold ourselves accountable and demonstrate the progress we have made against our commitments.

Our ESG strategy has been aligned and verified by our licensee partners and their employees, which has resulted in high levels of engagement across the DSW Network propelling a number of our core initiatives over the last twelve months. Our focus on our people and empowering them to achieve their aspirations, extends beyond enabling them to grow successful businesses. Our partners have the autonomy and flexibility to listen to their employees to create a business that reflects their values and priorities, allowing them to retain and attract the best people, which will protect the longevity of the business.


DSW ESG Report FY23 DSW Environmental Social Governance Report FY22
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