An interview with our new Non-Executive Director Heather Lauder

Heather Lauder joined us as Non-Executive Director earlier this year and brings over 30 years of experience in retail and business banking to Dow Schofield Watts. 

Heather talks to Nicole Burstow, Finance Director about why she joined, first impressions and the future for Dow Schofield Watts.

Heather Lauder

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I am a scouser, Liverpool born and bred. Married with one son age 18. Career banker for 33 years in organisations such as NatWest, RBS, Tesco, Virgin Money and Cooperative Bank. I enjoy working out and holidaying – pre-Covid that was !

Why did you join Dow Schofield Watts?

I knew what a strong reputation the DSW Brand carried, from previous work and relationships. I had heard that DSW had aspirations to grow and continue developing their unique model across the UK and Europe and as a transformational change executive this was an exciting opportunity for me. A chance to be part of something innovative, challenging the status quo, at a time when there is a real need for a positive disruptor in the world of professional services.

What will you bring to the role?

Hopefully a great deal! I really believe in the DSW model and am passionate about helping it grow and continue to be as successful. In my career, I have undertaken a number of roles across many disciplines, including HR, Distribution, Strategy, Corporate finance, Operations, Cultural transformation and Change. There are so many transferable skills that I will be able to apply at DSW. I see my role as one of ‘challenge and support’ to the Board, helping to ensure that the evolving infrastructure supports taking the business to the next level.

What do you think the future holds for Dow Schofield Watts?

Well, the good news is that the strength of the DSW model is already proving to be a winner! It’s agility, diversity and set up for remote working has helped enormously through the pandemic and will continue to do so in the months ahead.

As I mentioned above, the industry needs a ‘shake up’ and DSW is well placed to lead this. As directors and partners seek out alternatives, we have already seen and I believe will continue to see real talent come knocking on the door. DSW will continue to expand its geographical presence across the UK in the short term and in the medium term Europe. The level of support provided to newcomers, autonomy to build their own businesses and the remuneration model are real differentiators and there are many more. I see a very bright future for DSW and am delighted to be part of that.

What are your first impressions?

DSW is a unique business, built by the partners on a foundation of Trust, Loyalty and Integrity. It has a ‘family feel’ with real Corporate ambition and drive but without the bureaucracy and politics that you find in the larger firms! I have been so impressed by the calibre of everyone I’ve met and the diverse range of services offered. It’s been refreshing to see that entrepreneurial flair is encouraged and thriving. A fantastic business model where leaders can run their own business and flourish under the strength of the DSW brand.