COVID-19 Business Insurance Claims

Due to the recent ruling by the Supreme Court that many business insurance policies should cover losses caused by COVID-19, you may be considering making a claim for your business, or perhaps as a broker/solicitor you may be in need of a Forensic Accountant to quantify claims.

COVID-19 Business Insurance Claims

We at DSW Bridge Houghton Forensic are one of the most highly qualified teams in the North, working across the whole of the UK, to deal with this kind of claim. Our day to day work includes preparing detailed forensic accounting analysis and reporting which can be used as the cornerstone of evidence in a commercial dispute, meaning that our experience of calculating complicated loss of earnings claims is tried and tested.

If you are a business your key concern should be to ensure your calculation of how much you have lost directly due to the COVID-19 pandemic is robust. This will include calculating how much was lost in takings and profit whilst also offsetting any benefits received (including grants received from the Government).

If you are a broker or solicitor you will be in need of an experienced team who can review the data you receive and demonstrate that these claims are commercially focused and based around supportable evidence rather than opinion.

The first step in both cases is to speak with a member of our team. David Houghton or Kate Beckett are both on hand to answer any questions you may have, whether you have already made a claim or considering one.


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A deeper look into the issue…

The Supreme Court ruled in January that many business insurance policies should cover losses caused by COVID-19 lockdowns. The FCA has said insurers should pay out as soon as possible on any valid claims.

“Where we see that insurers are not meeting the expectations set out here, we will use the full range of our regulatory tools and powers to ensure they do so,” Sheldon Mills, the FCA’s executive director for consumers and competition said in a letter to insurers’ chief executives.

The watchdog carried out a test case on behalf of policyholders last June, it says this could affect 370,000 policyholders and 60 insurers, bringing forward an estimated 1.2 billion pounds of claims.

The UK Supreme Court has also unanimously dismissed appeals by the insurers meaning it is a comprehensive victory for the regulator and policyholders.

This means some previously rejected claims and complaints are now valid or the values of claims have changed.

“We expect you to be clear on these points and on your next steps as you write to all your policyholders with affected claims or complaints over the coming week,” Mills added.