3rd August 2021

Ancoris receives investment from Beech Tree Private Equity

Beech Tree Private Equity has invested in Ancoris, the pure-play Google Cloud expert. Dow Schofield Watts’ Ed Brentnall, Ros JonesRob ParkerRebecca Smith and Matthew Jones provided financial due diligence to Beech Tree and Newco.

Ancoris receives investment from Beech Tree Private Equity

With its plans to scale up investments in Sales & Marketing and Development, the partnership will provide funds and expertise to accelerate the company’s growth, responding to growing customer demand for its skills and capabilities. Ancoris will also assess M&A to build out specific incremental capabilities.

Founded by David McLeman and headquartered in Bracknell, Reading, Ancoris has extensive expertise in Google Cloud technologies, and delivers its magic through Data and AI, as well as modernisation of applications, infrastructure, and workspaces. During its 10+ years as a pure-play Google Cloud partner, Ancoris has developed valuable IP, which helps its customers accelerate their cloud adoption journey, and in turn realise value faster. Most recently, the company started packaging some of its solutions in the form of “Labs”, which are aimed at specific challenges of C-level executives.

The investment will further Ancoris’ capabilities in Data and AI, infrastructure, and application modernisation, as well as fund a next generation cloud managed services capability. The company will scale its operations to support long term growth, with special emphasis on its people and technical excellence. Ancoris will also look to deepen its relationship with Google to bring more value to their joint customers.