20th May 2003

PAV Data Systems Ltd designs and manufactures Free Space Optical (FSO) Equipment. The company sells its products in over 40 countries to some of the world’s largest communications giants and with offices in the Middle East, Asia and Africa, PAV have a mature and expansive channel to market. Its multi-million pound turnover is expected to treble over the next three years as a result of the investment.

FSO technology uses lasers to provide instant, high speed wireless communications links at low cost and at speeds from 2Mbps through to Gigabit. One of the fastest growing areas of communications, FSO is a line-of sight technology providing high bandwidth connections in which voice, video and data information can be sent and received simultaneously on invisible beams of light. An ideal solution for wireless connectivity between buildings, with a range from 100metres through to 3 kilometres, PAV provide true broadband speeds of up to 1 Gigabit.

With the largest FSO installed base across the globe, PAV has a prestigious and diverse customer base which includes a significant number of mobile phone network operators and service providers in the telecom markets. The corporate market is also finding the high bandwidth wireless connectivity an essential tool in building robust and flexible network infrastructures. Companies such as Toyota, Total Elf, Boeing, Emirates Airlines, SG bank, Universities, Local/Central Government are examples where PAV are delivering wireless broadband connectivity to an increasing customer base.