1st August 2010

Pretek Precision Homes has used investment to develop a house-building factory in Blackburn. The facility will allow Pretek to build 3,000-plus new zero energy rated, fully sustainable and eco-responsible homes per year. Pretek is aiming to create up to 400 new jobs at the 192,000 sq ft former steel storage building at Walker Park.
Chief executive Peter Marshall said: “The aim of Pretek is to satisfy a large part of the UK’s new homes requirement to a range of clients in all sectors of the house-building industry.

“The code for sustainable new homes has now been fully adopted and will change how new homes are built in the UK for ever. Our advanced technology production facility means we will be very competitive financially, totally sustainable and we can save money at all stages of the production and supply chain. The use of sustainable materials put together off-site is the way forward for energy efficient homes in the UK enabling us to save clients’ time, hugely reduce on-site costs and minimise disruption to neighbourhoods”.

“We aim to be as eco-responsible as we can in what we do. Our homes are designed to last for centuries, will outlive traditional materials if properly maintained and will leave no carbon footprint on the earth if and when the home is removed.”