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We are members of Resolution and one of our partners is a Resolution accredited valuation expert.  We are highly experienced in working with family lawyers and barristers to provide clarity to the financial matters surrounding marriage, divorce or family break up.

We act as single party, ‘shadow’ or single joint expert, as required, and offer our services on a capped, fixed fee or time charged basis, to ensure that our services are provided in a cost effective manner and in accordance with the requirements of the client, court or instructing party.

Our key areas of expertise may be summarised as follows:

Financial Dispute Resolution

  • Valuation of corporate shareholdings and intellectual property on a single joint or shadow expert basis, including appearance before the court where required.
  • Advice in relation to liquidity and the options to increase available liquid resources.
  • Assistance with the assimilation of documentation, drafting of investigative questionnaires and the preparation of Form E.
  • Review and assessment of disclosure and assistance with the drafting of responses to submissions.
  • Review and investigation of individual financial circumstances and identification of potential gaps in disclosure.
  • Asset tracing.

Prenuptial or Postnuptial Agreements

We are able to work with parties in advance of, or during, their marriage to consider the merits of pre or post nuptial arrangements and to offer advice on the restructuring of personal holdings to regulate what should happen if the marriage breaks down and ends in divorce.  Our experience in relation to prenuptial and postnuptial agreements includes:

  • Valuation of business assets and intellectual property for inclusion within any arrangements.
  • Advice in relation to the structure of holdings of business assets in order to utilise the appropriate corporate entities and documentation to maximise protection of corporate assets.