Private Equity: Law And Practice [ Hardback ]
Publisher: Sweet & Maxwell
ISBN: 0421789808

Private Equity: Law And Practice Is Back With A Nwe 2nd Edition.
It is established as the leading reference work on planning and executing both the funding of start-up companies and acquisitions through venture capital. Covering the major legal and business aspects of funding via private equity, this accessible guide provides all the practical legal and commercial information needed in this area.
· The only text available to practitioners which covers the subject in such detail; ranging from raising private equity to managing the transaction
· Clearly structured and through in scope, the book follows the chronology of a venture capital transaction from start to finish
· Extensive precedents and worked examples make procedures easy to follow and understand
· Practical checklists are provided with key points to bear in mind at each stage of the transaction
· Revised and updated to include an expanded section on venture capital trusts and transactional management as well as checklists for use in Articles of Association and Investment Agreements.

Role of private equity. Raising private equity. Corporate valuation and deal structuring. Tax relief for equity investment by individuals. Share capital. Managing the transaction. Due diligence. Investment agreement. Articles of association. Private equity institutions. Director and employees. Appendix: List of BVCA members. Glossary of Terms.

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