8 Weeks in Venture Capital

8 Weeks in Venture Capital By Oliver Rogers, Analyst in the DSW Angels Team My first few weeks in Venture Capital have taught me that it’s a non-stop learning environment. Dow Schofield Watts Angels receives about 50 applications for funding a month, so at any one time, there are many different businesses in the pipeline. … Continued

Family planning – the tax sort!

Transferring Shares in Family Company to Spouse – Gift or Sale? By Simon Denye, Partner, Dow Schofield Watts Tax Consulting LLP Owning your company jointly with your spouse is standard planning where one of you pays tax at a higher rate than the other (or one of you pays no tax at all). The idea … Continued

Conquering M&A – Completion Accounts – The Risks

Completion Accounts – The Risks According to PriceWaterhouseCoopers (“PWC”), between 40% and 60% of M&A transactions have a completion accounts mechanism, whereby the purchase price is arrived at by reference to the Target’s net asset value (“NAV”) as at completion. The purchase price is adjusted after completion to reflect the actual net assets of the … Continued

Proseal UK Limited To Be Acquired By US Corporation In £220m Deal

Food packaging specialist to be acquired by US corporation in £220m deal Proseal UK Limited – the UK firm which is a leading provider of tray sealing technology to the food industry – is to be acquired by Chicago-based JBT Corporation. JBT, which is listed on the New York Stock Exchange, has signed a definitive … Continued

Conquering M&A – Completion or Locked Box

Completion or Locked Box The prevalence of private equity in M&A transactions has led to an increasing trend in the UK to using the “locked box” approach to determine the final price for a target business rather than completion accounts. The primary difference between the two mechanisms is the date of transfer of economic risk. … Continued

A Recap on Directors Loan Accounts

As a director, the company may pay for personal expenses from time to time. You can clear the debt by repaying it or get the company to write it off. Does it matter how and when you do this? By Simon Denye, Partner, Dow Schofield Watts Tax Consulting LLP Over £10,000? Your company card has … Continued

Conquering M&A – Auctions

Auctions Two techniques: Limited or controlled auction (a “handful” of candidates selected); Open auction (open to the world). Limited auctions can be completed quicker and the threat of an open auction can be used to keep bids up. Open auctions can threaten the business, but the release of information can be controlled. A controlled auction … Continued

Dow Schofield Watts London goes from 0-9 in 9 months

The London office of advisory firm Dow Schofield Watts has welcomed its ninth team member just nine months after its launch. The latest arrival is Philip Hodgson who has relocated to London to take on the role of Corporate Finance Executive. An economics graduate from the University of Newcastle, Philip qualified as a Chartered Accountant … Continued

Dow Schofield Watts in UK Top Ten Dealmakers

Dow Schofield Watts was the most active financial adviser in the North West in the first quarter of 2019 and the second most active in Yorkshire. The firm also ranked in the top ten dealmakers in the UK, according to Experian’s latest M&A Review. The figures show that in the North West, Dow Schofield Watts … Continued

Physics prizewinner joins Dow Schofield Watts Angels

Dow Schofield Watts Angels, the Northern angel investor network, has appointed Oliver Rogers as analyst as it continues its expansion. Oliver, who has a degree in Maths and Physics from the University of Bristol, was previously a  data analyst with e-commerce specialist The Hut Group, and also worked as a physics tutor. He is a … Continued

Conquering M&A – Acquisition Rationale

Acquisition Rationale Deal rationales for acquisitions are usually to acquire: Customers – access to new customers and markets Products – access to new products and services. Capability/Diversification – access to new people, technology, IP, or distribution channels; Defensive – to prevent a competitor from acquiring the business or key assets. Synergies – arising from strengthened … Continued

Statutory Residence Factsheet

Determining UK Residency – Statutory Residence Tax Factsheet Click here to view the Statutory Residence Factsheet Residence Generally speaking, an individual who is resident in the UK in a tax year will be taxable on their worldwide income and gains arising in that year. Individuals who are non-resident in a tax year are only taxed on … Continued

Headland Archaeology joins forces with RSK Group

RSK Group Ltd, the UK’s leading integrated environmental, engineering and technical services business, has today announced its latest acquisition: Headland Archaeology, the UK’s leading, privately owned provider of heritage services to the development and construction sectors. The acquisition is the latest under RSK’s funding package from Ares Capital Europe (Ares) and a revolving credit facility … Continued

Selling Your Main Residence and Capital Gains Tax

Selling Your Main Residence and Capital Gains Tax An update from DSW Tax Consultant Simon Denye If you make a financial gain from selling your home, it is NORMALLY exempt from capital gains tax (CGT) because of private residence relief (PRR). However, this is not necessarily the case if you have not lived at the … Continued

WestBridge Capital backs MBO at APEM Limited

WESTBRIDGE has backed the management buyout of APEM Limited, Europe’s leading independent environmental consultancy specialising in the aquatic environment and remote sensing. The deal has seen WestBridge invest £9.8 million in a combination of equity and loan notes, which will support the company’s growth ambitions as it develops complementary service lines to support its clients’ … Continued