Asset Based Lending Risk Management Services

  • Pre-lend Due Diligence

    New business surveys, on site or desktop examinations, receivables, inventory, P&M, trade finance, and deal structuring

  • Post-lend Due Diligence

    Outsourced cycle audits, on site or desktop examinations, receivables, inventory, P&M, trade finance, and full risk assessment

  • Risk Management

    Collectability reviews, ongoing monitoring, facility reviews, and contingency planning

  • Receivables Recovery

    Securing of records, collections management, outsourced credit control, and recoverability assessment

  • Accounts Receivable

    Pre-lend new business surveys, post-lend ad-hoc and cycle audits, debtor verifications, collectability / contract reviews, and collections management / credit control

  • Inventory

    Ongoing monitoring, full or sample stock counts, retention of title, margins analyses, and net realisable value

  • Plant & Machinery

    Asset identification, security tagging, in situ appraisal, and residual value analysis

  • Trade Finance

    Due diligence, documentation audit, cross border trade transactions, and securitisation

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We are the safe pair of hands who can help you to identify, manage and minimise the risks in your portfolio. Please get in touch to discuss how we can work together. ​

Asset Based Lending Risk Management

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    We have a proven track record in assessing complex, high-value, and high-risk Asset Based Lending deal structures. We have the experience and the expertise to identify the key risk areas, and to add value by providing mitigating solutions, enabling you to successfully manage both risk and reward.​

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