Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith

Andrew is a Partner, Director and Insolvency Practitioner at DSW Bridgewood.

Andrew joined Bridgewood in 2021 to take both corporate and personal insolvency appointments. Working on all types of insolvency cases, his day-to-day focus is assisting the team who manage cases and ensuring the appropriate investigations are conducted so creditors, and other stakeholders, can be safe in the knowledge that any possible returns are maximised.

Andrew started working in insolvency in 2001 with a firm providing both personal and corporate insolvency services. Qualifying as an Insolvency Practitioner in 2009 having successfully completed the Joint Insolvency Examinations, he was promoted to partner in 2016. Alongside that role, he also worked for a volume IVA provider for 9 years, appointed on over 16,000 cases.

He is always keen to highlight and promote the fact that seeking the advice of an Insolvency Practitioner early can maximise the best outcome. Formal insolvency procedures can be used to turnaround and rescue a situation in both personal and corporate scenarios and to benefit from these, taking early advice is key.

Outside of work, Andrew’s two children keep him very busy. He enjoys running, skiing, football, and good food in his spare time.


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