Tom Grummitt

Tom Grummitt

Tom is a Partner, Director and Insolvency Practitioner at DSW Bridgewood

Tom joined Bridgewood in 2020 and since then has taken several hundred appointments as Liquidator, Administrator, Trustee in Bankruptcy and IVA Nominee and Supervisor, whilst splitting his time between Manchester and Nottingham. He has dealt with individuals and businesses of all shapes and sizes, from builders to hairdressers, and national fast food chains to multi-million pound online retailers. Tom particularly enjoys investigating the circumstances leading to insolvency to address creditor concerns and try to ensure a return.

Tom started in insolvency after studying law and business at the University of Liverpool. After university, he spent a number of years working for PayPlan, which provides personal debt advice and solutions to tens of thousands of people each year. Alongside helping individuals to become debt free at PayPlan, Tom also spent time working for a local boutique insolvency practice which gave him his first taste of corporate insolvency work.

Tom qualified as an Insolvency Practitioner in 2019 and won the JIEB’s first-place prize in personal insolvency in the process.

Outside of work, Tom is a keen runner and can also often be found eating and drinking his way around the Lake District.


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