Dow Schofield Watts continues expansion with the launch of DSW Principal Partners

Dow Schofield Watts (DSW), the mid-market, challenger professional services network, has further expanded its reach with the launch of DSW Principal Partners (DSWPP), which will offer access to highly skilled C-suite professionals on a fractional basis.

DSW Principal Partners
From L – R: Richard Jones, Nina McLoughlin, Claire Cushnahan, Stephen Lord, and Mike Ellis

This innovative strategic staffing solution enables companies to fill specific roles or complete tasks without needing full-time hires, optimising costs and enhancing flexibility.

The new venture is being led by Founding member Steve Lord, who has spent the last six years as an Investor & Executive Chairman acquiring and developing a portfolio of industrial SMEs in the UK, North America and the Middle East. He is being joined by Claire Cushnahan, Nina Mcloughlin, Mike Ellis and Richard Jones, who will be Founders and Principals of the business. DSWPP will be based out of DSW’s Daresbury office.

Steve says the key differentiator to the traditional consultancy model is that DSWPP’s Principals execute, not just advise. He elaborates that “we do not provide Consultants. Our model focuses on empowering businesses with skilled professionals who are experienced in working with growing businesses, reshaping industries and impacting the economy.

“We provide high-level executive thinkers that you might not need on a daily basis. As a growing small to medium-sized business or a business with fluctuating workloads, you need access to visionary, strategic, technical or financial skillsets and sector expertise. We also provide end-to-end solutions for private equity houses, financial institutions and banks who need strategic support with their portfolios to deliver enhanced investment returns, particularly in turnaround or distress situations. With DSW Principal Partners, clients can tap into specialised skills as needed with our total solution”.

DSW Principal Partners aims to provide national coverage with multiple Principals across different functions and specialist areas, with international ambitions on the horizon. This will include AI, robotics, supply chain management, environmental, healthcare, education and e-learning, finance and banking, legal and compliance and creative and digital marketing.

James Dow, DSW Capital’s CEO, said: “We have made no secret of our strategy to expand our offering with high margin, complementary, niche service lines with a strong synergistic fit. DSW Principal Partners provides a key point of difference and will enable us to facilitate our national and international footprint further. Having the calibre of Steve, Claire, Nina, Mike, and Richard join as DSW Principal Partners is a testament to the DSW model and the quality of our client base”.

Steve adds: “There are no losers in the fractional market – it is a game changer for clients and our Principals who will range from Gen Z to Gen X. DSW has an excellent client base who we really feel we will add strategic value to a network of proven businesses and an infrastructure that means we can hit the ground running”.