Business Planning Services

  • Financial Modelling

    Building & running bespoke financial models to help businesses forecast results and streamline reporting processes. We also build financial models to forecast out development projects and to assist in raising finance for such projects.

  • Model Review

    Reviewing financial models on behalf of investors, or public sector partners in order to provide assurance on integrity & accuracy.

  • Infrastructure Finance

    Advising on public private procurement, including raising finance, to help deliver value for money infrastructure assets.

  • Business Cases

    Preparing business cases on behalf of public sector clients in order to demonstrate value for money and affordability of capital and service projects.

  • Procurement Due Diligence

    Completing detailed due diligence on development projects and for private sector clients seeking contract with the public sector.

  • Financial Model Training

    Providing bespoke training courses for public and private sector Clients on financial modelling best practice and the vagaries of Excel.

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Business Planning

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    Financial Modelling & Excel Training

    To learn more about our bespoke training courses for public and private sector clients on financial modelling, best practice and the vagaries of Excel please get in touch.

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